Identifying locations of Solder-Balls

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Seems difficult to identify all the possible solder-balls that can result from SMT and Reflow processes.
Also not always will all the solder-balls stuck to the bases of parts wash out.
So then I guess only an additional visual inspection could identify them.

But I'm wondering if the pixel-data for solder-balls can be mapped for identification?
So then this question is directed towards those working with AOI machines and Review software...

Are there any ways to further program the software to recognize the solder-balls present?
Solder-balls come in different sizes but seem to always maintain a spherical shape regardless.
I understand that the light hits each solder-ball and the image is captured and the pixel data is saved for review.
I wonder if during review of the scanned board some generic solder-ball-pixel-image-data could be used to compare against, and as each square micro-mm of the board is scanned could the matching pixel-arrays somehow be matched?
Anyone know if this has been tried or if it would best be applied to the RepairPlus review software or to the AOI machine software?

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