1. lukewakeford

    Repairing an micro u.lf? connector on xbox controller motherboard

    So i pulled this antenna cable off a tad to willy nilly whilst disassembling to repair something else and it's broken the very tiny u.lf or similar connector. I know I shouldn't have, but here we are anyway, no way back now. It looks to me like the pads are still intact underneath half of...
  2. dignificent

    Identifying locations of Solder-Balls

    Seems difficult to identify all the possible solder-balls that can result from SMT and Reflow processes. Also not always will all the solder-balls stuck to the bases of parts wash out. So then I guess only an additional visual inspection could identify them. But I'm wondering if the pixel-data...
  3. dignificent

    Texas Instruments BQ24640RVAT

    Received feedback that these parts are mysteriously over-heating when sent certain commands. When switched out with comparable parts in stock> No over-heating occured . Curious if this is impacting other users of this part or not. Is it a sign that this part could be counterfeit? Is there a bad...