Repairing an micro u.lf? connector on xbox controller motherboard

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So i pulled this antenna cable off a tad to willy nilly whilst disassembling to repair something else and it's broken the very tiny u.lf or similar connector.


I know I shouldn't have, but here we are anyway, no way back now.
It looks to me like the pads are still intact underneath half of the receptacle which is still on the board with the centre pin visible.
The rest of the receptacle appears to be lodged in the connector which I've picked at a little to see if i can detach the remains but with no luck.

I think to repair this I have a couple of options which I would like to gauge your thoughts on if you will:
1. Replace the lead connector and receptacle, I will struggle with this as I only have a micro soldering setup, no hot air or microscope but potentially doable.
2. Strip the lead to access the shield and inner core then solder directly to either what remains of the receptacle or remove the receptacle to access the pads below.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Luke.


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If option 1, doesn't work, go for option 2.
If your small iron is struggling, you could assist with an hair dryer, like preheat the area before soldering.
Keep us informed of your progress.
Good luck.......