Repairing a busted micro-USB port on a very expensive piece of hardware

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I am looking at repairing a micro-USB port that has come loose on a very expensive piece of flight simulation hardware. The alternative is to ship up a 50lb unit and ship it back to the manufacturer, which is very expensive (but still an option if my repair does not work).

I've ordered these new micro-USB ports and this soldering kit and this solder wire from Amazon, and hoping this will be enough to solder a new micro-USB port to the board.

Here is a photo of the board I'll be looking to attach the new port to:

Any suggestions on a) whether this is likely to work and b) tips on how do to it successfully? I haven't soldered anything since I was a kid, so I am a bit rusty.


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I think your chances of success are somewhere between slim and none. This is a surface mount connector with a ground shield. My suggestion would be to find a local PC Board assembly house with the right kind of Hot Air Rework station to make the repair. If you can remove the board from the equipment to make their life easier that will help.


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Wrong tools for the job... microsoldering with a chunky iron like that is going to be hard... you're likely to do more damage than repair. Hot air rework station and a few weeks practice might get you closer.... watch NorthridgeFix videos on youtube... plus how do you know its the right USB connector?