High Voltage PMOS recommendation

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Hi readers, is there a P-channel Mosfet with Vds of -400V but has very low Rds(On) because I want an efficient mosfet ? I a planning to power a 400V device and its negative terminal must be connected to ground (That's the reason why i use PMOS and not NMOS). I find a lot of NMOS that can tolerate high voltages in the market a lot, however, for PMOS, I tired searching but could not find. Any recommendations?


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Do you mean the negative terminal of the load, or the negative terminal of the transistor that connects to ground?.


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@ericgibbs I think he was using that as a example... most of the p-channel devices in LTSpice have a low Vds

@Ian0 The TS wants high side switching, load grounded

@MrsssSu Go to mouser.com or digikey.com, search on p-channel mosfet and filter on Vds >= 400. Both Mouser and Digikey give the same option:

IXTX40P50P/IXTK40P50P in TO247 or TO263 case, 500v/40A, Rds = 230mOhm (480 in stock)

You won't get a very low Rds in P-channel compared to N-channel, so consider using more than one MOSFET in parallel if need be, alternatively use an N-channel on the high-side with an isolated gate-source driver.
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