Help - Is this PCB board burnt?

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Got asked by a friend to try and fix this «speaker» but for me it looks like the circuit is burned. Is that true?
I also have no experience in fixing and soldering a pcb board, so should i just throw it away?

Thanks for your time!3F4E1B4A-F147-4350-9B39-8CCC6E9011C3.jpeg0490F614-9CF7-4218-9FCC-3471028F46B6.jpeg


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I don't think so - it' just been soldered badly, by an iron that was too hot that has burned the flux.
Give it a good clean with isopropanol and an old toothbrush and see how it looks.


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I would not say “burnt” , but it looks like someone tried to repair the board before with poor and sloppy soldering job. There are solder splashes all over the place and some bridge across some of the traces. Small wonder it does not work. The poor soldering and solder splashes may have caused some damage. Clean the board up first, then diagnose after…