1. Tomarnes

    Help - Is this PCB board burnt?

    Hi Got asked by a friend to try and fix this «speaker» but for me it looks like the circuit is burned. Is that true? I also have no experience in fixing and soldering a pcb board, so should i just throw it away? Thanks for your time!
  2. C

    How to identify burned transistor?

    CPU Dell vostro 3668 motherboard i5 7th gen How to identify the burned transistor... 4496 is shown... Other half is missing .... Images are attached...
  3. E

    wellhise wh-890d multimeter problem

    Hello i have a wellhise wh-890d multimeter. Yesterday i was trying to charge a motorbike 12v battery i unplugged the charger to check voltage then i checked the amp it is taking then i forgot the probe was in the amp hole (left 20A hole on the photo) then i put the meter on voltage mode and i...
  4. D

    Burned step down transformer 220v to 110v

    Hello, I have bought a Wii console with a non working power adapter. After checking out the adapter I found that the issue was that it has a 120v input and probably was plugged in a 220v. To fix it, I replaced a Varistor, a Fuse and a 200v 180uf Capacitor. The power adapter is rated at 120v and...