Doubts related to L239D motor driver

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Hi all,
A begineer here. I am making a simple DC motor based car. I am using the following components,

  • Two 12v DC motor (1000RPM, No-Load Current: 70mA (max) )
  • L239D Motor Driver
  • Arduino D1 board
  • Eight 3.7v 3800mah Li Battery (4 batteries for each motor )

My doubt is,
1. I want to run each motor in separate battery holders (4 batteries in it) but if you see the pic of L239D motor driver, they gave only one slot for 12v.
So, does it mean the battery power gets split-up for both motors? How to do I power up each motors individually?

2. If I use only one motor, does the entire power of battery goes only to that motor? Will it damage the motor?
Also, If I use both motors, does the overall speed will be less when compared to individual running of motors?

Thank you.



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The device used is L293D, not L239D as it's mislabeled on the PCB. Now that you have the correct part number, you can download and read the datasheet which should answer most of your questions.
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