1. Ajaygoshbin

    Simulation of ultrasonic sensor

    This is a system to detect any intruders using ultrasonic sensor . The buzzer should ring if the timer gets triggered . Somebody help me with the simulation using proteus or any other softwares
  2. itskrish


    HI! I am new to electronics .planning to do fm bug for college project can someone explain this circuit in detail
  3. S

    STM32F302K8 driven system with 4 pin header programming

    Hi All, I have a small PCB circuit with a brushless motor being driven by a Arm Cortex STM32F302K8 microproccessor it also contains mosfets and microswitches. This PCB has a 4 pin header for an external programming card, but this programming card has not been released and it has been 2 years...
  4. D

    Simulating a RF transmitter bug in LTspice

    hey guys i,m new to this forum and Lt spice I am planning on building a FM bug using hardware, i am trying to simulate this circuit using LTspice In simulation i am replacing the microphone with a voltage source of 10mV and 2kHz then removing 68k resistor. simulation file is attched.Kindly...
  5. jma2388

    LM2679-5.0 Switching Regulator Design

    I am designing a constant 5 volt output switching regulator that bucks 12 to 24 volts down to 5 volts while supporting 5 amps. It is used to boot up a Raspberry Pi with a 10 inch screen. At 12 volts, the Pi will boot up fine. At 24 volts, around halfway through the bootup, the regulator will...
  6. G

    What sensors do these 'air' drumsticks use?

    So there are many electronic 'air' drumsticks in the market, such as Aeroband, Freedrum, Senstroke, Aerodrums, etc. I wanted to know what sensors do these use or might have used to do what they do. For example, the Aeroband Pocketdrum have a pair of drumsticks with sensors, and a pair of foot...
  7. F

    Electronic Engineers

    Good day , I hope this message finds you well , I am a first year student in electronics engineering , and wanted to ask some question about my project 1.What are some of the reason you choose to pursue this career ? 2.What struggles have you encountered at work and how did your math and...
  8. fellsteruk

    Relay Identification - Help ;)

    Hey Everyone, My mother in-law who's deaf has a door bell which is wired up to the mains supply and a normal household bulb above her door in the main room of her house, when the door bell is pressed the light flashes. For the past few months this has been intermittently working and today i...
  9. Andreas.K

    Question about pairing 2 power supplies.

    I have a linear power supply for an old video door phone system with 2 voltage outputs +15VDC , +18VDC and they share the same GND. The +15Vdc is not working because the power supply is faulty. Can i install a 15Vdc SMPS to work alongside this old power supply? The DC outputs feed the central...
  10. V

    In-depth resources to create my own dual-axis solar tracker using 1 DC motor and 1 battery/power source

    Hi all, I'm quite new to electronics. I have a very basic understanding of DC circuits, but nothing too extreme, therefore I would like some help on how to create a dual-axis solar tracker using 2 LDRs, run off of a single DC motor, and 1 battery/power source (potentially looking into solar...
  11. M

    Trouble Receiving RS485 Data on EK-TM4C1294: MAX485 Communication Issue

    Hi, I am trying to read the RS485 Absolute encoder from EK-TM4C129. I am using the MAX485 module to convert RS485 to ttl, which is half duplex, where DE is Active high, and RE is active low. I have written the code to enable the Transmitter and receiver, where needed. we must transmit the data...
  12. I

    Design or Tools for Passthrought Voltage/Current Recorder for Batteries

    Okay so, currently wanting to set up a test for some rechargeable batteries, and developing a lower power mode for a system. The goal is to connect fully charged batteries to my devices to see how much current they actually drain. I have an estimate how long they should last, but its not exact...
  13. Qasimhmdn

    Help with trouble shooting sit stand desk control box PCB

    Hello guys, so i have an electric sit stand desk and it stopped working a while ago, i opened up the control box model TC15L from TI motion, and saw the IC in the pictures was fried so much so that it was impossible to read the part number off of the IC. Upon touching this IC, it blew away like...
  14. M

    Troubleshooting Differential Signal Issues with DS26LV32

    Hello, I wanted to reach out to this wonderful community to seek some guidance regarding an issue I'm facing with the DS26LV32 and DS26LV31 ICs on my board. I believe your collective expertise and experience can help shed some light on this problem. In my current project, I am utilizing the...
  15. A

    Inductor Design Problem

    An inductor of inductance 80mH, 500 A at 60 Hz needs to be designed. But my area product is coming too high. Probably because of VA rating. Due to this I can't find a suitable core that matches its Ap. Please help me with calculations of Ap. Is there something I am doing wrong? My voltage comes...
  16. Ashutamar

    should i improve power section for A7672s module

    Hi here is the schematic for my A7672s Simcom module i want that how i can improve this power section for my simcom so that it can run for longer years i hope got it so i want your support that what all are the espect and factors to design and selections of good life longer component for smooth...
  17. Jonathan Bueno

    A 20v - 0.5a solar panel to deliver 5v 1a or 2a

    Hello everyone ! I'm planning to buy a 30w solar panel to attach to my two redundant powerbanks that will be constantly powering my rasberry pi which will be connected to the internet too. Such project I would use to plan building a drone too... I think that would be cool. I have a doubt...
  18. A

    AC DC rechargeable Led Bulb Driver

    AC DC rechargeable Led bulb driver mainly build with two different ICS. First one is drive several leds in series when power is available. Second one is drive several leds in parallel, also charge the lithium battery, when power cut happens the second IC drive the leds in parallel using the...
  19. M

    High Side Switching of IGBT

    I am using a IR2101 gate driver circuitry to switch the high side IGBT ON (I do not want it to be periodic). Hence I found out that since I am not frequently switching the IGBT, the bootstrap circuitry doesnt not work since the capacitor cannot charge up. I therefore found out 2 ways I can...
  20. E

    Identification of an Uninterrupted Power Supply's Integrated Circuit.

    Hello everyone, I de-soldered a 24-pin IC from an old Uninterrupted Power Supply's board. However, I haven't been able to find a datasheet or even information about the manufacturer on the almighty internet so far. Here's what I've been able to find out from looking at it closely: What I...