1. M

    Which electronics book should I buy?

    Hey everyone, So I'm 15 and have been doing electronics for about 2 years now as a hobby and I want to go further and try learn more about this amazing subject. I'm torn between 2 books however: "The Art of Electronics: 3rd Edition" "Practical Electronics for Inventors" Which would you say is...
  2. A

    Using a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Voltage Multiplier

    Hello, I recently bought myself a HVGEN10AC v3.1 to drive my Cockroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier. At 24V input it can produce 10kVpp. I want to connect it to my multiplier but the transformer only has 1 HV-Output and the Voltage Multiplier needs 2. As you've probably already noticed I'm very new...
  3. M

    How To Store Multiple Keys in Arrays?

    Hi all, I'm new to microcontroller programming. I would like to ask how do I display multiple keys on my LCD display. An example is I want to show "123456". Below is the codes I'm using. I am using PIC18F4520 and this is my LCD datasheet. Thanks in advance! #include <xc.h> void...
  4. A

    I really can't find a solution for this, need to find how many Ohms is the resistor

    Okay so I have a project due tomorrow and I can't get it right, I need to find how many Ohms is the resistor Rb, the link is a screenshot to the task UBX is Uin. https://prnt.sc/t92gbh
  5. R

    Fan Regulator Feedback Generator

    Hello Everyone, I need help in to generate feedback for fan regulator to the controller. 1. AC Fan require 1 phase Ac supply (230VAC/50Hz) 2. Controller require DC voltage in range of 0 to 3V3 3. System is able to support all type regulator, there different type's...
  6. E

    Best Software for circuit simulations??

    Hello! I need help in finding a software which can simulate the circuits easily and must have the ability to show if the components are exceeding their required or optimal ratings. Thanks
  7. J

    Solar Guitar™ prototype

    Hello, I am building Solar Guitar™ prototype, an eco-friendly, self-sustained musical instrument solely powered by the Sun: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9905213B2/en 10-15 watt, 2 speaker stereo guitar amplifier with reverb/chorus/delay/overdrive will be installed into the guitar’s body...
  8. G

    RF Amplifier Query

    Hi everyone I have a RF Long wave transmitter (broadcasts only to 10ft diamater). However there are no rf amplifier products available on the market to purchase. Does anyone know where I can get schematics to build one? (I know what transformers, diodes, transistors, capacitors, and resistors...
  9. maitrey

    Transfer 24 VDC to 1000 ft...

    Hello, I have to transfer 24 VDC to 21 devices which is 1000 ft apart. Is it possible to transfer 24 VDC to such a long distance? This 24 VDC is coming from SMPS. Does the current/power rating matter in this case? And how can I calculate total voltage drop at the end (If there is any)?. All...
  10. S

    Calculating secondary turns on transformer

    I am designing a transformer for a high voltage converter. The topology is a push-pull converter. My method is to have a 200V primary generate 4x750V secondary windings, each feeding a voltage multiplier to generate 1500V. Then connect these in series and generate the final 6kV. So far I have...
  11. maitrey

    Design Interlock for two operations (Manual Switch and Automatic Switch)

    Hello, I am in the process of designing an interlock for two operations. 1. Operated by Manual Switch 2. Remotely through an Automatic Switch (Can't be controlled Manually) If user turns manual switch then operation should start. (In this case, if someone activates automatic switch it should...
  12. kwoki

    Derivation of RLC parameters from a complex RLC circuit

    Hey guys, I am having trouble with a problem. I would like to derive a formula for some parameters (resonance frequency, Quality factor, Wcl and Wch) Normally, you will use a general second-order function for a second-order RLC circuit (which is easy to derive). However, my circuit is much more...
  13. zibilytou2

    ESD monitors, how do they work?

    Hello guys, i need your help to understand how the ESD monitors do work, i mean how do they detect if an operator is wearing or not the ESD wrist strap. I'd be very grateful if someone knows the answer. Thank you in advance.
  14. G

    Project Ideas

    Hello! I am a computer science and AI student, but I am getting into hardware. Over the last few weeks, I have become rather adept at designing circuits and PCBs (I might have audited a couple of courses but that doesn't matter... right?). I have designed my own version of a maker board --...
  15. S

    Single versus three-phase transformers for power density

    I have currently designed a powerr converter, with a single phase transformer which operates at >200kHz. The design goal was to create a converter that increases power density, by minimzing the size of the passive components, namely the transformer and the output storage capacitors, which are...
  16. Engineer wannabe

    Help with DT Project (includes an inductive charger).

    Hi Everyone, my DT project includes an inductive charger. I would like to build a circuit that when a voltage is received from the inductive charger (9Vdc in ~5Vdc out) one LED blinks then after 10s it remains constant. Then turns off when voltage is stopped. I’m not entirely sure how to go...
  17. Feinberg

    MT3608 and Powerbank weird behaviour

    Hello everyone, Im currently working on a small LED-Strip Panel. Im using an MT3608 DC-DC Step Up to convert my 5V from an USB powerbank to 12V in order to Power the LEDs. The LEDs draw around 0.7 amps. However, the powerbank wont stay turned on and if I connect the micro USB cable from the...
  18. S

    Average current mode control on secondary side of a transformer?

    I have been looking through the famous app note on Average Current Mode Control by L. Dixon,https://e2echina.ti.com/cfs-file/__key/telligent-evolution-components-attachments/13-112-00-00-00-00-44-35/Average-Current-Mode-Control-of-Switching-Power-Supplies.pdf. He gives many examples on how to...
  19. taarkikguy

    Transistor circuit analysis problem

    Circuit diagram- here Okay so we need to calculate V which is Vb1e1 I guess. If we can get Ic1 then Vb1e1=R5*Ic1 if I'm correct. We have B=100 so Ic1=B*Ib1 ie 100Ib1. If we are to apply KVL, how do we go about it? What is the overall voltage in all the loops? Also, is it correct to use voltage...
  20. calmd

    LCL Filter Plant Control

    Hi everyone! I don't know if this is the place to ask Control Theory related questions, but it's for modelling a power electronics circuit so I thought I could at least try. I have to design a grid connected inverter in Simulink using the PLECS toolbox and I ran into some problems when designing...