1. A

    AC DC rechargeable Led Bulb Driver

    AC DC rechargeable Led bulb driver mainly build with two different ICS. First one is drive several leds in series when power is available. Second one is drive several leds in parallel, also charge the lithium battery, when power cut happens the second IC drive the leds in parallel using the...
  2. M

    High Side Switching of IGBT

    I am using a IR2101 gate driver circuitry to switch the high side IGBT ON (I do not want it to be periodic). Hence I found out that since I am not frequently switching the IGBT, the bootstrap circuitry doesnt not work since the capacitor cannot charge up. I therefore found out 2 ways I can...
  3. E

    Identification of an Uninterrupted Power Supply's Integrated Circuit.

    Hello everyone, I de-soldered a 24-pin IC from an old Uninterrupted Power Supply's board. However, I haven't been able to find a datasheet or even information about the manufacturer on the almighty internet so far. Here's what I've been able to find out from looking at it closely: What I...
  4. Anna Swinemar

    [SOLVED] Unidentifiable SMD Component (possibly Diode)

    Hello, I am working on my 2018 GMC instrument cluster. It has a parasitic current draw that drains the battery within 3 days. I found this part which to me, looks like and SMD diode. It is reading "OL" in circuit and out of circuit. See attached photo. I have tried looking through the SMD Code...
  5. Anna Swinemar

    Unidentifiable SMD Component

    Hello, I am working on my 2018 GMC instrument cluster. It has a parasitic current draw that drains the battery within 3 days. I found this part which to me, looks like and SMD diode. It is reading "OL" in circuit and out of circuit. See attached photo. I have tried looking through the SMD Code...
  6. MEngAhmad

    Differentiation of Leds behavior due to light or color intensity ( fade in / out and slow or fast blinking?

    Dear All, Currently, l am working on a project where l need to differentiate the led behavior due to light or color intensity. The aim is to identify the end of fade in /out and the beginning of slow blinking in sequential processes. l want to identify how long fade in/out and slow blinking...
  7. H

    Purchasing MOSFET and MOSFET Driver

    I want to buy a MOSFET in the rating of 600V/20A. I also want to buy MOSFET driver for that. I have to use it with Arduino Uno for controlling purpose. But I can't select which one to buy. Can anyone suggest me a good MOSFET + MOSFET Driver?
  8. R

    TENS/EMS device for research?

    I’n looking for a wireless EMS/TENS units which could be controlled by computer. I would need this for research to vary stimulation length and timing based on other sensor readings. I can find online only customer TENS units that can be activated using predefined programs. I would be ready to...
  9. E

    Turn on the Common Cathode Seven Segment using PNP transistor

    I am using seven segment in my project and i was using common cathode and using npn transistor i was able to switch by making arduino pin HIGH. But now i want to display the data on seven segment when i make the pin as LOW. I mean i want to select the Segment when i will make it LOW. i was...
  10. S

    Large discrepancy in measured and specified capacitances when soldered onto PCB?

    Hi, Not sure if best to post in general chat or power electronics, but: I am having some significant issues when measuring my power converter capacitances with a hand-held LCR meter than I expect from the specification. I have a series-parallel combination of capacitors that should give an...
  11. Arduinoob

    MOSFET for boost converter

    I am making a boost converter following this Tutorial but I don't have the exact MOSFET. I have 2 motherboards laying around and they have some MOSFETs on them some of the names are: P3055, K3918,6670AL(datasheet inserted). There are high switching speeds but the datasheets don't have the max...
  12. shameel_anwar

    Engineer Solder Sucker, the best solder sucker- well not really

    No doubt a High-quality metal construction Design with Flexible silicone nozzle for better seal for suction. Majority of the buyers keeps on complaining about the issue while ejecting the waste solder. Solder get stuck in the silicone nozzle and they find it difficult to unclog it. I believe...
  13. Jokr_Kedo

    Need to connect MIC of earphone to bluetooth.

    Is there any way to connect 3.5mm TRRS to F-6188 v4.0.
  14. jm_sanz

    Estimating junction temperature from top case of SMD MOSFET

    Good afternoon to everybody. First post over here! :D I am working on the estimation of junction temperature from top case temperature measurement. I have seen that manufacturers avoid the characterizing the molding this resistance which is crutial for this purpose. From now on I will take...
  15. praveenmax

    Doubts related to L239D motor driver

    Hi all, A begineer here. I am making a simple DC motor based car. I am using the following components, Two 12v DC motor (1000RPM, No-Load Current: 70mA (max) ) L239D Motor Driver Arduino D1 board Eight 3.7v 3800mah Li Battery (4 batteries for each motor ) My doubt is, 1. I want to run...
  16. cikalekli

    Input and Output Impedance of the Common Emitter Amplifier

    Hi, I just have solved one of the bjt common emitter question below. However, I'm curious that how can I additionally find those things below: 1) Input and Output Impedance 2) AC Gain Here is the example and my hand draw solution. However, the question only asked to find Vout/Vin... Also, my...
  17. M

    How to calculate output of l298n

    I am planning to buy the l298n motor driver. I am just trying to make sure I know how to calculate the output current of the l298 motor driver. Output current depends on the load? I measured both the input current and the input voltage to the motor. According to ohm's law, the internal...
  18. Pashgen

    How to find a mistake. Sound amplifier circuit board. Need help with troubleshooting

    Hi, I bought DIY amplifier board. And now I am trying to find what I did wrong. It can work for about 2 seconds and then sound dissappear. But power stays on, and LED is glowing I connected 24 volt toroid to start the board. In description it says that circuit is designed for 12 to 36 AC...
  19. M

    Lithium battery (Operating temperatur range)

    Hi; Is it possible for a lithium battery, whether Li-ion or Lipo, to resiste a temperature of 90 up to 100 ° C in a period that does not exceed 3 minutes? knowing that its working temperature range indicated in its datasheet is 60 ° C. thank you for any information given
  20. L

    How do i implement a dual role power system via a USB-C port for my custom PCB.

    I currently have a custom PCB design using the PIC16F1937-CN. The custom circuit gives an output voltage via the usb to an external device. I would like to charge my circuits battery with the same usb port which is currently not the case. It has another port for charging the device. What design...