Designing Step Up Flyback Transformer Help

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Hi. I am trying to build a power supply which output is 2000VDC and 20mA (40W) input is 220V ac (european input).
I thought I can use flyback transformer. And I started to design. I selected duty cycle as %50 and frequency as 50kHz (actually I don't know how to select frequency and duty cycle because in every example I read was about stepdown and they didn't explained why choose these numbers) I am using this site to calculate and my calculatings are not giving the right solution. I calculated primary inductance as 2.8m and secondary as 497m. And I found also this site:
But I don't know how to calculate or how to find Bmax.
Also when I try to simulate it with 1:10 -> with 3 secondary 173:1000:1000:1000 turns ratio I get result in image

Can someone help me or show me the way. Thanks a lot.