designing a step up transformer (1V-4V)

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Hi all,

I need to step up 1V ac to 4V ac. Is it practical to do this with a transformer. I need the design to be small and efficient.


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Ok thanks. I've read up on them but i found some really complicated information. I'll try and search for more information. Are there any power issues with an audio transformer? By power issues, I mean can it transfer a decent amount of power?

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you can use an line input audio transformer with transformation ratio of 1 to 4. This is the easiest solution.
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English is fine--Good suggestion
Check out this audio transformer available from DigiKey:
This page provides a link to the datasheet

This is a 600Ω to 600Ω transformer with a split secondary--now forget the impedances as this only adds to the confusion

Turns ration = 2:1:1

So if you wire it as an autotransformer with all windings in series (series aiding) and input your 1V source to one of the secondaries, you have a 1:4 transformer--if you need isolation, you are limited to a 1:3 ratio

Although it indicates a frequency range of 300 to 3500hZ, I believe it will work OK at power frequency.

Regarding power, it indicates a DC current rating of 90mA--what this means is that it can handle serious DC without saturation--also means that low freq should be OK as well--regulation is unknown as they do not indicate winding resistances