1. J

    Can't set amperage on 400w 15A DC-DC step up boost converter 10-60 volts

    Hello folks, I'm just new to the forum. I'm looking for help using a 400w 15A DC-DC step up boost converter 10-60 volts. I watch many youtube video of people who can set voltage and amperage with that. But I can't do the same. Here is my project : I want to power a COB LED 30-34v 200w. I have...
  2. P

    Step up 5vdc to 72 volt ac/dc

    1. I use a medical therapy device that needs 72 volt ac input. 2. Need to drive the medical device from a 5 volt dc Powerbank for mobiles that are readily available in markets 3. For that, I need to somehow step up the powerbank output from 5vdc to 72volt (either ac or dc) 4. The max load...
  3. FunAndGamesCircuit

    Step up Stirling Engine generated voltage

    Hello, I am an electronics engineering graduate but with the easy recruitment and stuff I am working as an IT engineer. I still do have my electronic circuits, microcontroller and sensors for hobby purposes. Here I have a dream to use thermal energy conversion to mechanical and then...
  4. CharlesGarrett5699

    Potential uses for 3.7V to 15kV step-up circuits?

    Had some circuits put together in china and shipped to UK for a project. Long story short the ozone the arc was producing was too much of a concern for the product as it was being inhaled directly. They produce an arc up to 7 mm across. Have 500 of these circuits sitting around, does anyone have...
  5. 8

    MAX8815 DC to DC step up converter circuit

    Hey, I have a question regarding a schematic I made, which doesn't work. Maybe someone could help me out. I tried to make a board which would take a 1.5V Battery and turn it into 5V. I used this IC: https://www.mouser.de/datasheet/2/256/MAX8815A-1516131.pdf I oriented myself with the schematic...
  6. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 Dimming fuction

    HI all, I want to understand the proper way to make a dimming function for the XL6005. I found some schemes that suggest using the EN Pin: And some that use the FB Pin: So which one should do the work and what PWM signal should I use?
  7. S

    Beginner Question - Choosing a Power Source Option for Circuit with Multiple Loads

    I'm working on designing a circuit with two distinct loads - one being a DC motor and another being an LED strip. I want to run both off the same power source, but they have different voltage requirements. The strip requires a fixed 5V and the motor will require 12V+. I'm currently planning...
  8. I

    Designing Step Up Flyback Transformer Help

    Hi. I am trying to build a power supply which output is 2000VDC and 20mA (40W) input is 220V ac (european input). I thought I can use flyback transformer. And I started to design. I selected duty cycle as %50 and frequency as 50kHz (actually I don't know how to select frequency and duty cycle...
  9. T

    Computer PSU 12V to 24V conversion

    I have a media cabinet which houses a bunch of media players/routers/alarm system etc. The target output voltages for each component is between 9V and 24V. This is currently powered by an LED power supply with a few step down buck converters to the target voltages. The LED power supply is very...