1. mehmet.kl

    LT8316 Flyback Bode Plot

    Hi everyone I am tryig to obtain the gain and frequency plots of a flyback converter controlled with LT8316. LTspice does not provide any frequency response feature but I use middlebrook's method to obtain frequency response. However, result is too weird :( I simply insert a small ac signal...
  2. R

    Flyback transformer's driver's mosfet wires heating up

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a high voltage power supply with a flyback transformer, IRFZ44N and a 220 Ohm resistor. (200 ohm in the diagram should be 220 Ohm ) Here's my schematic. My problem is that the wires connected to drain and source of the mosfet becomes burning hot and melt the...
  3. Younes Thabet

    What are design requirements of SMPS transformers need to be provided for manufacturer!?

    Hello all, I am designing a 12V, 18W Flyback SMPS and i can't figure exactly the characteristics of high-freq transformer (Both Core, Bobbin) to send for transformer manufacturer!! Can someone already went through these procedures guide me little bit!? Regards,
  4. U

    Question about inductive spiking

    I'm working on building an electric scooter and yesterday the speed controller had a MOSFET failure that I suspect was caused by inductive spiking. This was very surprising to me because I had a schottky diode in parallel with the motor to prevent this type of failure. I took the speed...
  5. johnson35762

    Flyback converter question using UC3842

    Hi, everyone. I'm building a 110VAC-12VDC 120W Flyback converter using UC3842, and have some problems with the start-up circuit and output PWM signal. In the beginning, the design spec at first: Input: 110VAC Output:12VDC 10A Switching frequency: 107kHz Transformer core: PQ35/35 (unknown...
  6. S

    How to determine component values and switch dead-times in a fly-back passive snubber circuit

    I have been studying the use of snubber circuits within flyback converters and other hard-switched converters, and doing some simulations to see the results. I have came across one type of snubber called a passive snubber circuit, which uses no resistor and instead some additional passive...
  7. I

    Designing Step Up Flyback Transformer Help

    Hi. I am trying to build a power supply which output is 2000VDC and 20mA (40W) input is 220V ac (european input). I thought I can use flyback transformer. And I started to design. I selected duty cycle as %50 and frequency as 50kHz (actually I don't know how to select frequency and duty cycle...