decoder from multiplexer


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Hi, nothing at all
I'm just trying to implement the decoder
That was kind of a snotty answer. I don't think it benefits you to avoid answering the direct question.

In order to implement a decoder for a single value, you need to specify which of the four possible values you are trying to decode. Alternatively if you want to decode all possible combinations of two bits you will need four separate multiplexers, one for each possible input value. then you wire the associated multiplexer inputs to output a 0 or a 1 when the select inputs match the value(s) you are looking for.


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I'm sorry, I just mean't that I just want to implement the decoder, I'm not going to use it in a specific case
Decoder is a very general term, like "amplifier".
It is "a" decoder, not "the" decoder.
So just as we would need more info to design an amplifier, we need to know more about what the decoder is supposed to do, other than it is "2-bit".