1. Leonard Lim

    433 MHz RF Module interfacing with Encoder and Decoder Problem

    I had use 433 Mhz RF module with transmitter (FS1000A) and receiver (MX-RM-5V). Interfacing with Encoder (HT12E) and decoder (HT12D) respectively. The problem is that I am using two sets of these set up in circuit one and two. Which means the first circuit having encoder with the same address as...
  2. Jastri

    Looking for the right Latching component

    I've been designing a simple random number generator that is supposed to generate a number from 1-100 and display it using three 7-segment displays(D0, D1, D2). This design also uses a 555 timer(astable 1400Hz) and two BCD decade counters. For D0 and D1, I am using CD74HC4511E decoders, which...