1. W

    decoder from multiplexer

    Hi, How can I implement a 2-bit decoder using a 4 to 1 multiplexer ?
  2. Khisraw

    Offsetting input voltage in PICAXE-08M2 MCU

    Hi, I am connecting a sensor to PICAXE08M2 MCU. The sensor is read in pin C.4 and when it is off is 1.8V and 5V when it is fully ON. I need to offset the 1.8V. I need to write the codes in Basic. The ADC is 8 bit and the maximum value would be 255. My codes are below. Main: Readadc C.1...
  3. D

    Using one push button to enable and disable a LED permanently without uC

    Hello, I'm searching for an IC able to keeping enabled or disabled multiple LEDs with a push-button without a uC, but I haven't found anything. Thanks!! I don't want a mechanical button.
  4. amir97

    DC-DC Boost Converter Switching Frequency

    hi guys, currently i'm want to design a dc-dc boost converter but i don't know what is the best frequency value that i need to use in this converter. can someone advise how to find the best pwm switching frequency? i need a justification why i supposed to use that frequency value on my design.
  5. M

    high temperatur covering system for battery and PCB

    Hi everyone; I'm doing a reverse engineering for thermocouple system that works in specifique condition (temperature=300°C), knowing that the originaly systeme use the material below in the figure for covring the battery and the pcb. I have already finished the electronique parts and the pcb...
  6. T

    Circuit Analysis

    For Question 2.1, is the power 500W or 100W ? Do we need to apply the passive sign convention rule for power in whatever cases? Also, i’ve Learnt that we can check answers by balancing power in a circuit. But the power in this kind of circuits don’t balance out, but it is still valid. So when...
  7. Engineer wannabe

    Help with DT Project (includes an inductive charger).

    Hi Everyone, my DT project includes an inductive charger. I would like to build a circuit that when a voltage is received from the inductive charger (9Vdc in ~5Vdc out) one LED blinks then after 10s it remains constant. Then turns off when voltage is stopped. I’m not entirely sure how to go...
  8. P

    0-9 Counter Downing Problem

    Hi,in the circuit numbers that come from counter are compared with 1 and the numbers are equal or greater than 1 led turns on.Also when the number reaches 9,it shouldn't move to 0(when press up button) and reaches 0 shouldn't move to 9.(when press down button) On the breadboard upping works...