CPLDs which manufacturer does the best software & ICs, your recomendations?

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I was just busy fault finding a VFD unit that had broken and came across a CPLD IC from lattice.
I looked into CPLDs a bit a year ago for some high speed counting application, and the only ones I found much info on at the time were from Altera. The packages are certainly powerful, but seem to be a little expensive, and also they don't have any small package / pinout ICs.

The lattice ones seem cheap and also available in 32 pin packages, so could be ideal for small projects, I see the software is free (the price we like!) and you can buy cheap programmers from china so I might investigate further. However I notice Xilinx also have similar products....SO the question is, what's your experience with such devices, which are nicest & easiest to use - including IC, programmer and software?


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You might consider PSOC. It has a fabric that can be handled via schematic capture or Verilog.

In addition it has a Cortex M0 or M3 or dual core, and extensive analog like 20 bit delsig, 12 bit
SAR, OpAmps, DACs, Comparators, Mixers, analog muxes, DSP.....all routable on and off chip.

Attached is a component list. In PSOC a component is an onchip resource.

IDE and compiler free, PSOC Creator. https://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-creator-integrated-design-environment-ide

Tool allows creating custom components like the following user created public domain
additions that can be added to its library -


Here is a simple example, one chip, of a dual DDS Wavedac generator -


Here is example, same part, single chip solution, doing DSP. Note most resources not used, see right hand window.


Boards - PSOC 4 https://www.cypress.com/documentati...s/cy8ckit-043-psoc-4-m-series-prototyping-kit Low end
PSOC 5LP https://www.cypress.com/documentati...oc-5lp-prototyping-kit-onboard-programmer-and High End


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