Charge multiple 1S Lipo Batteries in a single circuit board

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I have a project that needs a lot of 1S lipo batteries (3.7V). It is becoming very difficult to charge these lipo batteries. I was looking for a charger that can charge 5 to 10 lipo batteries together safely but couldn't find any. The lipo battery that I am using is ADHBT-401. Please let me know if there is anything available in the market that I can use or if I want to design a circuit and manufacture it from a vendor, what are the things that I need to know.


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I have seen the Microchip MCP73831/2 single cell Lipo charger ( ) in various designs and plan to use it myself. At about $0.61 each, you could have one for each cell with individual on-charge and completed-charge indicator LED's (usually red and green, respectively). Sparkfun sells a breakout board with it ($$) and provides a free schematic showing how to set up the LED's.