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I am looking for a 18 v battery for my Craftsman grass trimmer. The P/N is 75299 and has been discontinued so am stuck. Any suggestions appreciated. Although it is a Nicad, will consider other chemistries say Li.
There are places that will rebuild packs. e.g.

The model number of the tool may give you more hits.

ni-mH is generally a drop-in replacement technology, No mods to the charger is necessary. Ni-Cd is getting very scarce and it's crappy compare to Nickle Metal Hydride. Capacity can be larger. e.g. 1000mAh for a 500 mAh battery pack, Physical size is important.

You can generally buy parts to re-build the batteries. You can purchase the cells with the spot welded tabs instead of doing it yourself. The "heat shrink" which isn't heat shrink is available too in small lots.

The hard part is cutting it apart and put it back together. A automotive mirror rebuilder wuld not tell me what glue they used, but they sent me the glue.

Lithium Ion is not something to mess with.


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Adapters that accept a modern 18V lithium battery and offers two wires are readily available. I use Bosch and I have such adapters which cost less than $20.

If you choose a battery ecosystem, which probably should include the idea of buying other tools in the future that use the battery, you can get an adapter, a battery, and a charger. Some are quite expensive others are cheaper but ofter not as good.

If I was in this position and didn't already have other 18V batteries for tools, I think I would choose Milwaukee based on quality and the amazing range of tools they offer.

Once you have the adapter, you can work out attaching it to the tool, which I think would be variably difficult but always practical.