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  1. H

    How to plot/find DNL and INL of a comparator?

    I drew this circuit in LTSpice. I want to find DNL (Differential Non linearity), INL (integral non linearity) and THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion ) of the circuit. Please Help me. Its very urgent!!
  2. C

    LTspice singular matrix error on voltage node

    Hi everybody, I'm a beginner with LTspice, so I'm sorry if my question is related to some basic knowledge that I don't know..any help is really appreciate!! I can't solve a problem with my circuit in LTspice: I have this error "singular matrix check node vout+" and I don't know what to do. I...
  3. Lucky-Luka

    Simple sawtooth generator schematic simulation question

    Hi all, I was trying to simulate the schematic seen in the following video: I don't understand why I can't get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  4. B

    Simple voltage follower - not working

    Hi, Thank you for your time in advance. I tried to simulate the action of a silicon photomultiplier(SiPM) using a second-order RC circuit and it worked well. The output voltage is named sipm and is shown as the red curve in the plot pane. Then I wanted to connect this output to a voltage...
  5. M

    Trying to design a colpitts oscillator but the LTspice model isnt generating a waveform

    Hello, Im looking for anyone that may be able to help me figure out why my Colpitts oscillator simulation isn't generating a waveform. This circuit has already been tested as a prototype and generates the desired waveform, but for some reason, it won't do it for the simulation. I suspected that...
  6. F

    LTspice: using conditional statements to switch ON & OFF voltage–controlled switches in a resonance circuit

    Hi, An initially charged capacitor in a resonance circuit undergoes periodic voltage reversal (blue line), as shown below: A possible circuit to address this problem uses 2 capacitor banks & switch modules, as shown: C₁ and C₂ represent metallized film capacitor banks of equal capacitance...
  7. S

    Energy calculation of a cuircuit simulated in Ltspice.....

    I have designed a subcircuit by writing code and did a transient simulation. How would I know the power consumption or energy consumed by the circuit? Thank you. santlal prajapati
  8. K

    LTSPICE Folder management

    How does LTspice search for symbols and subcircuits? Is it different for automatically generated symbols and Out of the box symbols? I ask because I ran into an error message that states "Could not open library file "C:\users\*****\Documents\***etc". This was when I tried to run a new project...
  9. K

    Inductance q simulation in ltspice

    I am not sure if I simulated correctly the Q = 84 for 1.575 GHz in LTspice for Coilcraft inductance 0402DC 8.2 nF Model libraries for LTspice are here (lower right corner). The next question is if it is possible to replace the trace expression to plot by function i.e. to define the expression...
  10. A

    Chaotic Circuit Simulation using LTspice

    I'm trying to simulate a chaotic circuit involving a single equilibrium point, but when I try simulating the circuit I'm getting an error with one of the multiplier blocks (AD633) regarding the time step being too small. I need my simulation to run for around 100-200 sec for getting the desired...
  11. S

    Accessing memory to store ckt output and use it later for processing in LTSPICE

    I am simulating Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) with Ltsipce simulator. There, I need to store intermediate output and use it later. Can you please suggest me how can I use memory in Ltspice ? Or any link that will help me?
  12. Yourint

    LTspice simulation on 4th order active bandpass filter using multiple feedback and Sallen-Key topologies didn't go as I expected

    First of all, thanks for reading this, I tried to replicate this research as my project (not aim to publish or anything just for study purpose) Reference: Now I tried to guess and do what I can do about this circuit and the result is this...