hardware design

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    Hardware Design Competition (Robotics) ends May 28th

    Greetings humanoids! There’s no doubt that robots are here; we are seeing them more often in the home, in the sky, or working on the farm! And we know firsthand that many engineers fell in love with hardware or coding by attempting to build their first robot. We’re excited to launch our...
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    8051 Microcontroller Hardware Issue

    I design a project using an 8051 microcontroller. A project description is mentioned below: I used two LEDs with the logic that if led1 is on continuously then led2 will be on for 1 sec and off for a long delay. This logic is running fine in proteus software but it is not working when the...
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    Parallel RC Circuit in Feedback Reading Line

    Hi, I'm reviewing an Evalboard datasheet and a parallel rc circuit is used in the feedback line, which I can't understand why, what is the purpose of this structure, whose image I have added below? Datasheet Link: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/KT33810UG1.pdf (Page 18)
  4. Swaysceptile

    Trouble simulating the output for a VHDL design code

    A VHDL design code for a remote-controlled garage door opener with sensors is provided to us. It has 8 states, 4 for each door. Testbench is not provided, and I did one (with the help of a testbench generator as well). The output should look something like this: ] I used web application...
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    FT232RL Chip is not working (USB to TTL)

    First of all this is an urgent question my project's deadline is coming closer. Please help me I used FT232RL chip to make USB to TTL converter. I did this connection below. I can make serial communication but I cannot receive any message. I can also send message and TX Led is lightining up.