1. Bhavik700

    Isolation requirement for Voltage measurement

    I am developing IoT device using ESP32. I am using ESP32 along with ADS1115 for voltage measurement of my equipment. My electrical device operates with following parameter : ~0-5 V DC , 25 Amp with constant current mode adjustment prior to operation. I want to measure this voltage change...
  2. memedin

    esp32 c3 rc522 df player mini there is a voltage drop in the circuit

    I want to play music from dfplayer mini with an rfid card reader. When I set up the circuit on the plate, I get a voltage drop, I don't know why, very meaningless ı use 5vto3v3 ams1117, entry 10uf exit 10uf and normally I was going to feed it with tp4056, I would switch my circuit with a...
  3. G


    I decided I would try my hand at programming an ESP32 using CLion instead of the Arduino IDE, so this project is running in the ESP IDF (toolchain?) and C language. I couldn't find the file for setting the settings, so all pins and settings are default - it would fill out the whole post if I...
  4. D

    Mems Microphone Array and ESP32, with or without codec IC?

    Hi I am planning to construct a mems microphone array with 4 to 5 microphones, such as SPH0690LM4H-1 Datasheet Rev A.docx (mouser.co.uk) These are PDM interfaced. If I have understood it correctly, these just require a CLK pulse, and I am reading digital databack. I have been advice by...
  5. EnzoEngr

    Relay alternative for low power devices?

    I have an esp32 to take measurements with an ultrasonic sensor equipped with a separate circuit board. The esp32 mostly sleeps, so to extend the battery life, I want to cut power to the sensor's board while the esp is sleeping. I measured a traditional relay to use about 70ma when it’s on. I...
  6. sysWOW64

    Protecting PCB, multiplexers and MCU in vending machines

    Hello everyone, I am working on a low cost vending machine with the ESP32 and as you may know, it is necessary to properly protect the components to prevent users from trying to steal money or damage the components. The PCB has a TFT display and several multiplexers to communicate the ESP32 with...
  7. sleigh.za

    My first ESP32 Dev board design

    Hi everyone, I am relatively new to designing schematics and PCB's and have only ever done simple circuits up until now. I have tried my hand at designing my very first ESP32 based Dev board. I know that these can be bought for fairly cheap already, but wanted to have a go at actually designing...
  8. -live wire-

    Help controlling multiple nema23 stepper motors with esp32 and motor drivers

    Hi, This probably isn't super complicated but I have to control 3 stepper motors simultaneously with an esp32 for part of a robotic arm. These are the nema 23 stepper motors I am using, they are normal open loop 4 wire stepper motors. These are the motor drivers I am using. One pin tells...
  9. Adamelli

    ESP32 - How to save a PDF to open on the access point?

    Is SPIFFS used? How? Is there a simple example of a program that allows a user to open a PDF on the AP? By default, about 1.5 MB of the onboard flash is allocated to SPIFFS.
  10. -live wire-

    Help talking to uart bus servos in 6 axis robotic arm

    So I am designing and building a 6 axis robotic arm and I really need help finding the right library and communication method to talk to the bus servos I have installed. This is the product page and this is the google drive with the documentation that the manufacturer provided. I also put an...
  11. B

    How to send commands to be executed at a later time from Android App to ESP32?

    I am trying to send commands to an ESP32 to control motors at a specific later time from an Android App using Wi-Fi. I am confused on how I would accomplish this? I tried searching for a method and came across using the AlarmManager class, but that seems to be useful for getting notifications...
  12. S

    looking for a list of ESP32 sketch programming commands

    Hi experts, I am just starting with ESP32. Nothing serious, just for hobby projects. I am looking for a list of programming commands with some minimum description/explanation for use in ESP32 sketches. I know that sketch commands are part of header files e.g. <wifi.h> or <time.h> etc. included...
  13. E

    3.3V battery pack / charging solution

    Hi folks! So I'm looking into the following, but having a very hard time finding any (remotely) definitive answers. For my smart home, I'm looking to integrate more and more sensors that can relay all sorts of information. Most of these sensors I create myself using ESP32's and the like...
  14. danicklin

    ESP32 24V Relay Control

    Bakground: I am designing a smart controller for an existing heating system. The system and pumps are controlled by 200V AC latching relays. As an interface to the existing controller, these are controlled by 24V DC relays. As a Mechanical Engineering I understand some basic electronics but not...
  15. WaterMelonVTL

    Customized Touch surface solution?

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a prototpe for a project and I have several questions. I'm a complete beginner in electronics even if I have acquired some basis in my scolarity. Here's the blueprint of the project. The orange surface is the one that should be touch sensitive. It needs to be...
  16. H

    ESP32 I2S dma buffer malloc failed after ble init

    Hello, I have ESP32 project that read data from INM441 microphone, after some processing ESP32 will send pattern to another ESP32. I have test BLE code and I2S read INNP441 separately and successfully. However, when I put them together, I get this error Rebooting... ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57...
  17. F

    W5500 design issues.

    Hi, I'm trying to create a little ethernet board and I seemingly can't get it to communicate with an ESP32. I'm posting in this thread first as I suspect it's due to the design rather than the ESP32 ethernet library(could be). The design is based on the W5500 as its the chip LCSC has the most...
  18. P

    Upload firmware from ESP32 to arduino

    I have 2 microcontroller in same board, one is ESP32 and other is Atmega 328p, I need to upgrade the Atmega firmware, but I need to go where the board is and do it, I would like to do online way, there’s a way to ESP32 upload the new firmware on Atmega? just send the firmware to ESP?
  19. M

    How to switch a 2v load using 3v Signal

    Hello guys New here. I am trying to work out what would be the best way to control a 2v load using something like an ESP32 (3.3v) So what i have is: ------------- | BATTERY | (1.5 - 2.2v) ---> something?? >>> Resistor ---------------...
  20. Heap2Free

    Having trouble getting link up on Ethernet with esp32 MCU

    Hello all, I have an issue regarding ethernet with esp32, So i have got designed a hardware with esp32 and dp83848 phy for ethernet connection. The problem is i dont get Link Up from phy. I am running esp32 example code PHY reset pin is 32. this is log output from board, it just stops at...