1. danicklin

    ESP32 24V Relay Control

    Bakground: I am designing a smart controller for an existing heating system. The system and pumps are controlled by 200V AC latching relays. As an interface to the existing controller, these are controlled by 24V DC relays. As a Mechanical Engineering I understand some basic electronics but not...
  2. WaterMelonVTL

    Customized Touch surface solution?

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a prototpe for a project and I have several questions. I'm a complete beginner in electronics even if I have acquired some basis in my scolarity. Here's the blueprint of the project. The orange surface is the one that should be touch sensitive. It needs to be...
  3. H

    ESP32 I2S dma buffer malloc failed after ble init

    Hello, I have ESP32 project that read data from INM441 microphone, after some processing ESP32 will send pattern to another ESP32. I have test BLE code and I2S read INNP441 separately and successfully. However, when I put them together, I get this error Rebooting... ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57...
  4. F

    W5500 design issues.

    Hi, I'm trying to create a little ethernet board and I seemingly can't get it to communicate with an ESP32. I'm posting in this thread first as I suspect it's due to the design rather than the ESP32 ethernet library(could be). The design is based on the W5500 as its the chip LCSC has the most...
  5. P

    Upload firmware from ESP32 to arduino

    I have 2 microcontroller in same board, one is ESP32 and other is Atmega 328p, I need to upgrade the Atmega firmware, but I need to go where the board is and do it, I would like to do online way, there’s a way to ESP32 upload the new firmware on Atmega? just send the firmware to ESP?
  6. M

    How to switch a 2v load using 3v Signal

    Hello guys New here. I am trying to work out what would be the best way to control a 2v load using something like an ESP32 (3.3v) So what i have is: ------------- | BATTERY | (1.5 - 2.2v) ---> something?? >>> Resistor ---------------...
  7. Heap2Free

    Having trouble getting link up on Ethernet with esp32 MCU

    Hello all, I have an issue regarding ethernet with esp32, So i have got designed a hardware with esp32 and dp83848 phy for ethernet connection. The problem is i dont get Link Up from phy. I am running esp32 example code PHY reset pin is 32. this is log output from board, it just stops at...
  8. J

    What to use ESP32?

    Hi, I am doing a small smart home project (model). I'm going to use an LCD, 2 led strips, 4 sensors, 2 micro servos and 4 leds. I counted that I would need about 29 pins and now I wonder what microcontroller is best to use, from the beginning I thought about Esp32 but one Esp32 is not enough and...
  9. M

    ESP32 Modbus RTU to Redlion HMI

    Hopefully, I can convey the issue in a clear concise manner. I designed a micro PLC with an ESP32 DEVKIT V1 at heart just for personal projects and to learn as I've always been fascinated with electronics. It has (8) digital inputs, (6) digital outputs, RS-485 connection, LCD connection, I2C...
  10. Tapish

    Charging individual 3.7V Li-Ion batteries that are connected in series to from 7.4v supply

    Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. The Pandemic lockdown has forced us to work with the only components we have at home. I am working on a battery-operated esp32 pico board having other sensors hooked up to it that need 5v of supply. So I connected two rechargeable 3.7v Li-Ion batteries...
  11. C

    sketch esp32 & sim

    Hi all, I bought an esp32 module and a SIM800L shield. I am looking on the net for an a sketch example that when I close a switch on esp32 it start a call. I can't find anything. Can anyone help me to find a example? Thank you
  12. C

    esp32 call

    Hi all, I bought some esp32 boards and I would like to try to add a GSM module to make calls on the phone. Can you advise me what models to buy? I don't understand what to buy that will be fine. 800/900 or other Thank you
  13. zazas321

    How does LoRa work in ESP32

    Hey. I want to try to make low power device based on ESP32 to send readings to the server. I have come across this tutorial that describes how to get lora working on ESP32: https://randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-lora-sensor-web-server/ Lora reicever function: void getLoRaData() {...
  14. A

    Problem with CH340C

    Hi I made a board that contains an ESP32-WROVER and an USB to serial adapter ch340c but it's not visible when I connect it to the PC (Windows 10). I tried to install the ch340 driver and I even tried 7 USB cables but the problem still remain. So maybe I have a mistake in the design ? PS: 3.3V...
  15. kowshik1729

    ESP32 Wroom custom PCB not working

    Hello all, I have made a design with ESP32 Wroom and CP2102-GM UART bridge. My board is getting recognized by the PC but the code is not being uploaded to the board. I am getting timed out error on the ESP32 as shown below. The CP2102 circuitry and the RTS, DTR toggling circuit is shown...
  16. kowshik1729

    HID Mouse Emulation

    I want the esp32 to emulate a hid compatible USB mouse on windows. can I somehow use CP2102 USB UART and ESP32 Wroom SoC to make this possible? Please give some suggestions. Thanks
  17. vikrantsingh47

    Which is better, STM32 Nucleo or ESP32?

    I am looking to make some projects like rover, drone etc. And after i get comfortable, i might try other types of iot projects and machine learning projects. which mcu should i choose? i have already made some projects with arduino uno and esp8266, but some people have suggested to go with other...
  18. M

    ESP32 SerialBT sending data rate is not stable

    Hi all, I'm using ESP32 model: ESP8266 with a built in BT module. I'm trying to open a BT connection between the board and an phone app with sending data rate of ~1-3kHz. I'm using Aruino IDE as a code environment and implementing the connection using #include "BluetoothSerial.h" library...
  19. M

    ESP32 bluetooth baud rate

    Hi, I am trying to communicate between ESP32 and MATLAB. I am able to establish communication correctly. However, I am unable to achieve desired sampling speed. With my calculations I have computed that ESP32 bluetooth is transmitting the data at 115200 bps. I want to increase the baud rate...
  20. A

    Python for programming ESP8266/ESP32

    For all with interest in application of the ESP8266 and ESP32 family microcontrollers from Espressif, I would like to reccommend the following project we are working on. Based on Micropython, we havebuilt a basic framework for IoT projects with ESP chips. The framework has out of the box and...