1. C

    sketch esp32 & sim

    Hi all, I bought an esp32 module and a SIM800L shield. I am looking on the net for an a sketch example that when I close a switch on esp32 it start a call. I can't find anything. Can anyone help me to find a example? Thank you
  2. C

    esp32 call

    Hi all, I bought some esp32 boards and I would like to try to add a GSM module to make calls on the phone. Can you advise me what models to buy? I don't understand what to buy that will be fine. 800/900 or other Thank you
  3. zazas321

    How does LoRa work in ESP32

    Hey. I want to try to make low power device based on ESP32 to send readings to the server. I have come across this tutorial that describes how to get lora working on ESP32: https://randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-lora-sensor-web-server/ Lora reicever function: void getLoRaData() {...
  4. A

    Problem with CH340C

    Hi I made a board that contains an ESP32-WROVER and an USB to serial adapter ch340c but it's not visible when I connect it to the PC (Windows 10). I tried to install the ch340 driver and I even tried 7 USB cables but the problem still remain. So maybe I have a mistake in the design ? PS: 3.3V...
  5. kowshik1729

    ESP32 Wroom custom PCB not working

    Hello all, I have made a design with ESP32 Wroom and CP2102-GM UART bridge. My board is getting recognized by the PC but the code is not being uploaded to the board. I am getting timed out error on the ESP32 as shown below. The CP2102 circuitry and the RTS, DTR toggling circuit is shown...
  6. kowshik1729

    HID Mouse Emulation

    I want the esp32 to emulate a hid compatible USB mouse on windows. can I somehow use CP2102 USB UART and ESP32 Wroom SoC to make this possible? Please give some suggestions. Thanks
  7. vikrantsingh47

    Which is better, STM32 Nucleo or ESP32?

    I am looking to make some projects like rover, drone etc. And after i get comfortable, i might try other types of iot projects and machine learning projects. which mcu should i choose? i have already made some projects with arduino uno and esp8266, but some people have suggested to go with other...
  8. M

    ESP32 SerialBT sending data rate is not stable

    Hi all, I'm using ESP32 model: ESP8266 with a built in BT module. I'm trying to open a BT connection between the board and an phone app with sending data rate of ~1-3kHz. I'm using Aruino IDE as a code environment and implementing the connection using #include "BluetoothSerial.h" library...
  9. M

    ESP32 bluetooth baud rate

    Hi, I am trying to communicate between ESP32 and MATLAB. I am able to establish communication correctly. However, I am unable to achieve desired sampling speed. With my calculations I have computed that ESP32 bluetooth is transmitting the data at 115200 bps. I want to increase the baud rate...
  10. A

    Python for programming ESP8266/ESP32

    For all with interest in application of the ESP8266 and ESP32 family microcontrollers from Espressif, I would like to reccommend the following project we are working on. Based on Micropython, we havebuilt a basic framework for IoT projects with ESP chips. The framework has out of the box and...