1. selva97

    Ferrite bead vs Bypass Capacitor

    Why we are using ferrite bead and bypass capacitor, if both are for removing noise? Can you explain why we are using both in the circuit and difference between using them, and where we need to use and how to calculate it?
  2. Prasanna K Routray

    Schmitt Trigger with Constant Current Source.

    Hi All, To realise the below circuit I designed a circuit in MultiSim and tried ti simulate. But I'm unable to do so. I would appreciate any help in this regard.
  3. guiale

    Battery Hot Swap Circuit with Capacitors

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to design a circuit whose battery can be hot swapped. I have a 3.6V battery connected to a boost converter, outputting 9V. I'm powering a small computer that requires a 9-20V input, and at idle consumes ~10W. I figured that, so that the computer stays on for 10s (with a...
  4. K

    SMD Capacitor selection

    Hello everyone, How can we calculate the voltage rating of an SMD ceramic capacitor. Is it dependent on the package size?.
  5. S

    Capacitance and Inductance of twisted pair cable

    In one of the article of "All About Circuits" about capacitance and inductance of twisted pair cable i found a set of formulae for computing capacitance and inductance of twisted pair cable based on diameter , spacing and dielectric constant as seen in the snapshot.. Can anybody give me the...
  6. waverider

    Buying a new multimeter: how important is hFE?

    Hey, I'm buying my second, better, multimeter (first one costed 3 € : ) ) and I have this checklist: * auto ranging * capacitance measurement at least up to 10mF (I see a lot under 1mF and that sounds pretty useless) * ? hFE - how important is this one? It sounds pretty useful to me * I've...
  7. Adrienboub

    VHF oscillator circuit w/ large frequency range and change according to capacitance value

    Hello, It's my first post. I'm new in electronics fields. I'm french and my english is not very good, excuse me. I want to make a VHF oscillator(~ 30 MHz) that his frequency can change with the value of the capacitance. I found in an another post the RF2506 which seems to works but it's...
  8. R

    What is Cmeu in an npn BJT operating in saturation mode ?

    I know Cmeu is parasitic capacitance in active mode. It's the B-C junction capacitance. But does it change when the npn is operating in saturation mode? Also in general(not just in saturation mode) what happens to Cmeu at increasing Vce? Does it increase? What other things happen to the...
  9. D

    How to measure capacitance with high series resistance

    I have a sensor that can be modeled as a capacitor and resistor in series. The problem with this resistor is the resistance is on the order of 10's MOhm and the capacitance (we believe) is single pFs. I have tried using a resonant circuit to find the capacitance, but the results end up super...
  10. sundeepgoel72

    Measuring DiElectric constant of organic varnish using parallel plate capacitor

    Hi, am facing a strange issue. In brief, the objective is to measure di-electric constant of a varnish film (approx 30micron) applied to a copper plate. To achieve this, i have made a capacitance meter (using a CC Bridge method) where the electrodes are two brass plates of 11cm diameter, between...