1. Tibor10

    Balun and antenna for AX5243-1-TW30

    Hello everyone, could anyone help me how to find balun (one chip) for AX5243-1-TW30 868 MHz? And in addition could you recommend the most suitable antenna planar or chip? I understand that it depends on many factors but if you have any experience with configuration of AX5243-1-TW30 + balun +...
  2. V

    How to increase range of a BLE chip

    Hello I have an RN4871 Bluetooth chip and integrated it with my micro. The chip is scanning for nearby BLE devices and reporting them to the host micro via UART. However, I see that the range of this chip is just 10 m. I could buy RN4870 and increase the range to 50m, but that's still not...
  3. A

    Documenting a TRF Radio build

    Greetings, I'm new to electronics and am interested in the field just as a hobbyist. I've read the Complete electronics self teaching guide by Boysen and Kybett and am now moving to Basic Antennas ARRL and Building your own transistor radios by R. Quan. To be honest im attracted to RF...
  4. .frank.

    What's the right way?? - Antenna Measurements using a NanoVna V2

    This post is "picking the brains of smarter than me" more than anything. It's a simple question, but I can't seem to find a consistent answer to it. I have heard sooo many different suggestions and so many different "right ways" of doing this, that every way I try, gives different results...
  5. spockshr

    Antenna Tuning for non 50 Ohm Match

    I've designed a matching network for a PCB Loop Antenna and I've tried to match it to a source of 465 Ohm impedance with 1pF parasitic capacitance i.e. Source Impedance = (166 -j223) Ohm Ideal Load Impedance = (166 + j223) Ohm. I've used Tapped Capacitor Matching network as suggested in this...
  6. A

    Outdoors telecommunication technician job

    Hello, I'm studying telecommunication electronics at Institut Teccart, a private college (CEGEP) in Montréal-Canada, and I'm trying to figure out which kind of job available on the market I'd enjoy. I'm holding a computer science college diploma but I went into telecom because I wanted...
  7. I

    Antenna modification from 4G device for weak signal

    Hello, the attached is a 4g wifi device however where i live the cell tower signal is very weak, how can i attach external antenna to it for better cell reception and hence better 4g speed
  8. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    why does 1/4 wavelength have a ground plane and 1/2 wavelength needs no?

    why does 1/4 wavelength have to have a ground plane and 1/2 doesn't? I know that an antenna that has half a wavelength does not need the ground plane (example a dipole antenna) and when using a wavelength of 1/4 it is usually necessary to have the ground plane (planar antennas [PCB]). My...
  9. Jenish989

    How do I use this Antenna?

    I bought this antenna for my Sparkfun Simultaneous Reader, but I don't understand which jumper will do what function. The antenna didn't come with datasheet and I can't find it on the Internet. I tried connecting different jumpers and tried to make sense what jumper will do what, but can't...
  10. G

    Antenna Farfield Measurement

    I am trying to get the value of the h field with a horn antenna as a reference antenna. I used a 90 degrees waveguide twist with the horn antenna in preset to measure le level of the received signal. But I am getting strange values. Am I proceeding the right way to measure the h field? If yes...