Working On A Brain For K.I.T.T.

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    Nov 5, 2015
    I'm just a novice dabbler with electronics at best here so you'll have to forgive my messy design.
    But basically I'm trying to make a CPU enclosure for a mini PC that will roughly resemble K.I.T.T.'s brain as seen in the 1980's TV Show Knight Rider, the episode was called "Soul Survivor" I believe. In which criminal removed K.I.T.T.'s brain / CPU in order to pull a heist, only later to discover they needed his brain after all.

    Anyways like I say I'm working on trying to make a small CPU enclosure for a mini PC, in this case a Cenava or Cenova (They seems to be the same mini PC only different names & manufacturers.

    In this first image you can see the sort of look I'm trying to achieve.

    This is my somewhat messy photoshop layout, a lot of the challenge so far has been in trying to arrange the parts to look as close as I can make it to what you see in the first image. I'm not super concerned about total accuracy just so long as I can get it to look pretty close I'll be satisfied.


    The big fat red components are just jumpers I plan to make just using some wire, beads or plastic tubing cut into short pieces and then covered in heat shrink tubing. They are serving to help keep the look but also enable me to try and keep the same or similar look by jumping where I feel I've needed too.
    The original circuits are just slightly modified circuits I have found online. I've heard that some of these circuits are not very stable :(
    So I would appreciate any insight or design help to improve it if possible.

    Here is a short video of the two circuits working together. However in my photoshop layout above you can see that the circuits will be powered by a 12V input converted to 9v.

    I did swap out the 470R Resistors for 1K resistors based on a friends recommendation who's a lot more experienced with electronics than I.... SO... that's one improvement :)
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