Wire Lighting system to bike using 12v

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Building a bike. I want to run the headlight, brake light to brake lever, LED turnsignals and handle bar switch to a rechargeable 12v. No, i dont want to buy a new flywheel and coil system for the motor. I would rather swap out 2 12v and leave the engine alone. So I know little to nothing about electrical work, so im hoping someone could help me write up a wiring diagram.

Parts List
LED Tailight/turn signal/ Break light (very cool)
Im assuming i need some way to put it all together so i found this



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You posted the same link for headlight and LED Tailight/turn signal/ Break light. Anyway while I prefer an on board generator/alternator scheme swapping batteries in and out will work. The idea is knowing under average conditions how long a battery will last. On my bike and other bikes here in the US the lights, headlight, side spots, tail and assorted running lights are always on while obviously brake and turn are on demand. Battery life will vary. I would get a Battery Capacity Fuel Gauge Meter Monitor just so you know your battery level and never over discharge it. I would find a few 12 Volt SLA batteries similar to the link. Hard to come up with an AH rating since we really don't know drain current so just winging it I would look towards 8.0 AH. A charged 12 volt SLA battery at rest should be about 12.6 volts. You never want to discharge below 12.1 as once you get to about 11.9 volts repeated discharge will really reduce battery life and below about 11.3 volts will damage your batteries. I always leave a battery tender on my bike. especially through the winters when I am not riding often.