Car Auxiliary Lighting Project

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Hi, everyone!

I'm new to this forum, so let me first introduce myself. I'm Roann, an Educator and a Social Media Manager. I'm here to share some of the projects that my clients have made using our silicone wires, and here's one of them. The project below is from our client who I met on Instagram named Jacob. I have his permission to post this on this forum. I will attach his Instagram and TikTok account by the end of this post together with the photos of his project::)

"I have used the Bntechgo 8,12, and 16 silicone insulated awg wire on my auxiliary lighting project on my car. These wires run through the interior, on the exterior, and through conduit. I have used wago lever connectors and solder seal connectors throughout this project and the wires have been excellent to work with. The 8 awg wire goes from the battery through an 80 amp fuse to a 100 amp rated fuse block. This run of wire is about 3 feet. From there the 12 awg is run from each circuit to a relay, then from the relay to the light source. The 16 awg was used for the switches and signal to the relays. The nature of aftermarket modification means that wires are going to run in some uncomfortable places, these wires are flexible and inspire confidence when handling them. I finished my project 8 months ago and these wires have made it through offroad abuse, storms, and winter weather, I plan on using this wire on all upcoming electrical projects." - Jacob

You may follow his social media account to see more of his automotive projects:
Instagram: subaru_who
TikTok: Subaru_Who

If you want to know where he got silicone wires for his project, you may visit our website at and follow our social media sites:
Facebook: BNTECHGo
Instagram: @bntechgo_copperwires
YouTube Channel: BNTECHGO
TikTok: bntechgo_copperwires
Twitter: @bntechgo



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Silicone insulation on #8 wire, with an 80 amp fuse. That is a really serious lighting installation. Certainly for off-road use, so the road vehicle rules do not apply. Quite interesting, but I am unsure as to what the question was.


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but I am unsure as to what the question was.
There IS no question. It seems to be an advertisement of some sorts. Likely a failed attempt at drumming up business. The TS is new and has not returned since posting. Check the "Last seen" on their avatar. Not since posting has there been any activity of any kind.


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I am sort of familiar silicone insulated spark-plug wires, which are sometimes used on cars that travel short distances in a big hurry, and have engines that make a fair amount of heat and have lightweight thin exhaust pipes that run rather hot.

But for the rest of the time, industrial wire insulation is not silicone.
My choice for durable insulation where that is required is urethane insulation of various sorts. Not as good for extreme heat, but more abrasion resistant and it holds it's shape well.