1. moshetez

    Bosch Relay mystery

    I was looking through the Bosch automotive relay catalog and I noticed the amperage rating is two figures e.g 20/30A. Initially, I was confused and after a bit of research, all sources I came across seemed to agree that the larger figures corresponds with the NO contact of an SPDT relay. That's...
  2. BeholdenLemon71

    Is it possible to make an amplifier with the tda8588bj/r1 ?

    I have an old bronken sony cdx-gt207x and I wanna know if it´s possible to make an amplifier with his tda.
  3. J

    Smoothing voltage drops when cranking with a capacitor

    Hi All, I have a issue I am trying to resolve. I am using a timed output relay (Redarc TIM05) as a kill switch. Once a momentary button is pushed, an output is set at 30 seconds, supplying 12v to pin 86 of a 30amp relay that runs inline with the starter motor trigger. The issue I am having, is...
  4. Macca465

    Milwaukee custom charger for work ute

    Hey guys, I have looked everywhere and haven’t found what I want. I am trying to make a charge station out of the Milwaukee battery holders in my work ute. I know I won’t be able to charge all my batteries at once, but I’m trying to find a way I can charge Atleast 6 batteries. I have toyed...
  5. Roann

    Car Auxiliary Lighting Project

    Hi, everyone! I'm new to this forum, so let me first introduce myself. I'm Roann, an Educator and a Social Media Manager. I'm here to share some of the projects that my clients have made using our silicone wires, and here's one of them. The project below is from our client who I met on...
  6. anyone844

    General 12v Vehicle Lighting Circuit Help

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, but with the amount of knowledgeable people in these forums, it's worth a shot. I've been messing around with strobe modules for a bit. So far, I've been able to make a range of lighting components strobe for example led bars, led...
  7. D

    When do you think EV sales will surpass all other car sales in the US?

    Hi all, I am appealing to the wisdom of crowds and our AAC community. According to one published report I found, EVs accounted for just under 5% of car sales in the US in early 2022. So, I am curious. When do you think EVs will surpass 50% of all US car sales? I would also love to hear your...
  8. N

    Please explain AIR1 standard SAE J1939 message.

    Consider a truck. The Electronic Brake Systems (EBS) ECU receives following message from some other ECU. Please explain this message. From where does some other module acquire the Suspect Parameters Number (SPNs) to send to EBS ECU. What does EBS do with the SPNs it receives?
  9. T

    career advice(Europe): Chip industry or Automotive electronic industry?

    Hello guys, I am about to choose between two companies in Europe with total different field which both are interesting. I am not asking you to choose for me but tips to get out of this dilemma I am. the trick I get two offers and both of them want me to decide very soon and I have no time to...
  10. teebee101

    Smoke machine using resistance wire

    Automotive style smoke machine to detect leaks runs on a 12 V system one of the techs used battery charger to run it which burnt it up causing the red light to flash which according to the manufacture is an open circuit, I opened up the system checked the resistance on the existing wire found it...
  11. M

    Help. Looking for replacement for power transistor.

    First of all, thank you for your kind help. The Rpm and gear selector of my guage cluster from the car decided to stop working. It's a digital cluster for gx81 Mark 2 (image for reference attached below). Upon initial diagnosis I found that one of the power transistor 2SC2334L had blown with a...
  12. edlamx

    Need help wiring lights for car ASAP

    Hey all I am currently creating a custom rain light for my car (Light on rear bumper that flashes 5 times then holds when brakes are pressed). At the moment the rain light has positive and negative connected straight onto the + and - of a brake light globe wiring. However it being super bright...
  13. crookedspoon

    Blinkers as positioning lights, circuit fails on high(er) load.

    Hi all, First post here and very much beginner in electronics, trying to dive in. For my motorcycle, I’m trying to implement positioning lights in the blinkers: When turning on the blinkers, the blinker blinks regularly. When the blinkers is turned off, after a short delay, the blinkers shine...
  14. Sungchow

    Does anyone know the gauss amount of a automotive rotor winding?

    As people know, automotive alternators and gauss meters have been around since before the internet, yet, even though this is true, i can not, i repeat, i cannot find any info on the internet stating the surface gauss of an automotive altetnator rotor. Seems very odd that i cant find that info...
  15. J

    Relay circuit- automotive

    Hello. im seeking some help designing a seemingly simple circuit. I’m not experienced enough with this so I’m hoping you can assist. It is in an automotive application. 16vdc electrical system with common ground. I have a normally open ground that is closed when engine rpm rises to a chosen...
  16. Marcel DaJanchar

    SMPS IC selection for automotive use: 12V to 5V

    Hello! I am working on automated pressure controller which will be used in a car. The controller consists of following: - Power supply (10V-20V input, 5Vdc 1A max output) - MCU STM32 (valve controller for pressure regulation + reading 4 pressure sensors) - WiFi functionality (ESP8266) - 8...
  17. S

    5v dc to 12v dc pwm design (automotive application)

    Hi guys I hope you can help I am by no means an electrical designer but I have a problem and are looking for a solution. I am trying to convert a variable 5v pulse into a rotation of around a max 2000rpm (12v motor) I’ve done some researching and a pulse width modulator maybe the way to go...
  18. SaMirakle

    Guidance Needed: Attempting to Simulate/Generate an Engine Speed Sensor Signal

    Hi everyone! So at work we have several engine simulators and for the ones we currently have engine speed sensors connected to we went about it by using a DC motor spinning a magnetic pulser disc (found here) with the sensor mounted directly in front. Though this works fine, I'd like to start...
  19. H

    Using 12v brake-light signal as a switch to ground a set of LEDs

    I just want to start by saying I have some knowledge, being an Industrial designer, but I am by no means an expert. I have a set of US taillights, that I have successfully converted to UK regulations (yellow indicators) and I am currently working on a dual function tail/brake light feature. I...