What to use ESP32?

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I am doing a small smart home project (model). I'm going to use an LCD, 2 led strips, 4 sensors, 2 micro servos and 4 leds. I counted that I would need about 29 pins and now I wonder what microcontroller is best to use, from the beginning I thought about Esp32 but one Esp32 is not enough and I would have to use two but I'm not sure if this is a good solution and it's not better to use some microcontroller with more pins?


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The advantage of the ESP32 is the WiFi feature, especially if you are designing a smart home project.
Consider a I2C LCD, that will save a few pins, also a port expander to give more port pins.

Do you have diagram to post of the project.?



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I agree with @ericgibbs, use an I2C display.
Then you just use 2 pins, and they can be the same pair used with other I2C devices.
To make it easier, try to get a 3.3V I2C LCD, but if you cannot, here is some info to help you do the conversion.
Another way is to add bidirectional level shifters to the I2C lined for 3.3V to 5V operation.
Some info here... https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/Voltage-level-converter-or-level-shifter.html
Using I2C makes a lot of things easier as the boards can just daisy-chain on the same wires.

It may be worth looking at an I2C PWM board to drive yor servos and LED strips (with a buffer transistor or FET)
I've not used these PWM boards as yet, but now all my projects use I2C displays.