What CD burning software do you use?

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I am having no success burning cd's that will work in my car. They work fine in my computer. The problem is that I don't have a clue what the problem is. Do I need software other than the native Windows 7 burner? I am using 4.7 Gb disks.



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What is the behavior of the CD when you try to play it in you car player?
Does your player play DVD discs?
Does it immediately eject the DVD after its inserted?
Does it just spin without playing audio?
What is the model of your car player (so we can determine what audio formats it supports)?


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You probably just need CD-R not CD-RW discs..
Thats it..
Haven't burned a CD in what seems like ages now but thats what I remember if it works in the computer and not in car player..


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Some auto CD players cannot play anything but a normal audio CD with .aiff files. Some can play .mp3 and other files but only if they're at the upper directory level and not buried in folders. And then there's the disk type issue just mentioned.


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Windows 7 or later burning has two features, One as a USB drive, where we can burn files, delete again and burn again same as USB flash drives. Such DVDs are just used in PC and non readable to players, in most of the case. Another is to burn DVD as DVD (non-editable). The players supports such DVD format.