What are the PCB design methods used in Smartphone Motherboards?

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I have worked on basic low speed PCBs and understand basics of the design methodologies for it.
But I am curious about the hi-speed PCBs like smartphone motherboards..
SamsungS20Motherboard.JPG How are the components placed so close to make the PCB compact? How are the tracks routed in this tight spaces? What technologies are used here?

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The actual space needed between components is actualy very small.
a solder paste / machine pick and place can easily put components such as 01005 very close together.

No need for clearance for a soldering iron,

Also "tricks" such as blind and buried vias, and via in pads, means that there is minimal surface area lost to traces / vias

Totally impossible to repair, and even to fault find, but small,

then you have the level of pcb simulation thats possible,
such that one knows a high speed trace will work,