Is there some commonly use methods to design/structure a firmware

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Hi team

Just wondering if there is some commonly use methods to design/structure a firmware. I have asked a question on how to structure physical files here. Now I would like to know how to design a firmware.

I am guessing there is no one right answer as it really depends on the application. But I thought I ask anyway just in case there are some commonly use design strategy.

Thanks guys!

Just a little extra information. I started writing spaghetti codes, that's not good, but it did the job for smaller projects.

Then as projects grow complicated, I started using a simple task scheduler (along with good data structures), this is a huge step up for me and my codes become a lot tidier and more manageable and maintainable.

But then again, I feel like my projects are growing more complicated, RTOS is involved. I feel like I need to learn some proper way to design my firmware so that it can still be tidy, manageable, maintainable, and beautiful. Hence my question above. Thanks team!
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