1. Rodrigo de la Torre

    Layout question: TOP or BOTTOM for HAT PCB

    Hi guys, I am checking some online PCB designs for making my Raspberry HAT (figure 1). And I am confused with the wiring layout on female pin headers. I did vias (thru-hole) for connecting top with bottom layout like the figure 2. Given that I will weld the header on top layer for a HAT...
  2. a.mahajan

    What are the PCB design methods used in Smartphone Motherboards?

    I have worked on basic low speed PCBs and understand basics of the design methodologies for it. But I am curious about the hi-speed PCBs like smartphone motherboards.. How are the components placed so close to make the PCB compact? How are the tracks routed in this tight spaces? What...
  3. Elmabrouki anass

    PCB Design for a Single Board Computer

    hello, I'm interested in designing a SBC, I would like to know your opinions and some links for examples or advices and steps for those that already did something similar ??