Use RC remote to play sound from mp3 module

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Hi all!

I have a question: i'm trying to fix a RC Thomas the Tank Engine for my kids. It came without the remote. So, when turning it on it only
said : "Hello, I'm Thomas"

I replaced the existing cuircuit board with a RC receiver from AliExp. Hooked up the 'Forward' and 'Reverse' and now am able to make it drive with the remote from Ali. But.. unfortunately no sound.
Next step: I bought an MP3 sound module from Amazon. I put 7 sounds on it, and it is working fine with the push button that came with it.
On the RC receiver I have 2 spare buttons: 'Left' and 'Right'. I would like to use (one of) them for playing the sounds. But I can't get it to work.
IMG_20240210_083902~2.jpgI hooked up L+R to '+' and '-' of the push button. But it is not working. Not with a single button press, not with holding the button, not with 2 short presses or pressing L first and then R. I also tried hooking op L+R and '+' and '-' the other way around without luck..
Only when I put the copper wires together and quick release manually, whilst i already have everything hooked up, it will play it's sound.
IMG_20240210_083908~2.jpgAny one have any idea how to accompish this? Is it possible?

Thanks !