remote control

  1. J

    LED Light Remote Control

    Hey Guys, disclaimer: I have never ever in my life worked on any hardware device. But I'm currently studying IT and I've the motivation to work on some hardware stuff. I have a LED light fixed to my ceiling witch is not connecting to my WIFI anymore. Therefore I can't remote control it from...
  2. Bartels1980

    Use RC remote to play sound from mp3 module

    Hi all! I have a question: i'm trying to fix a RC Thomas the Tank Engine for my kids. It came without the remote. So, when turning it on it only said : "Hello, I'm Thomas" I replaced the existing cuircuit board with a RC receiver from AliExp. Hooked up the 'Forward' and 'Reverse' and now am...
  3. S

    When ‘new’ batteries don’t seem to solve the problem.

    I am troubleshooting a garage door remote which uses one 27A battery. I’m replacing an old battery which measures 11.97 V. One new battery with Panasonic branding, expiry date 2024-10 measures 12.43 V, but it doesn’t fix the unreliability of the remote control. An alternative new battery with GP...
  4. Shafty

    How Difficult would it for an IOT Expert to create his Own Remote for an Amazon Echo Plus in Today's World?

    Just 3 Buttons: Previous Next Mute/Unmute Oh. Sorry I forgot! In the Cheapest Possible way ;)
  5. Nikson420

    Wholesale, Good price??? or scam?

    Just found this on ali they said its wholesale action and they are in hurry to sell them all. Its that normal price or its really cheap? Please check - I need around 100pcs. Any suggestions is welcome. Thanks!
  6. S

    Controll drone by a laptop

    Im currently building my own drone and I was wondering, if I could controll it with a laptop rather than an RC Transmitter, because I mainly want it to fly autonomously. Could I f.ex. just buy an FrSky receiver and control it with a laptop? And if I want to change the waypoints while the drone...
  7. B

    Remote controller IC programming (For Exemple: AD009)

    Hi everyone; I would like to make a remote control. I found this exemple of IC controller AD009-08L as shown in the picture. But I'm searching during days and days but still didn't find a solution how to program this IC. Can anyone help me how to program this IC ? What is the programmator used...