USB2244, USB is not detected .

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Kumar san

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I am using USB2244 chip. I detected the following problem: There is 1.8V observed at pin 13 and 34 which should normally be the case (1µF capacitors are connected as according to the data sheet) , USB is not detected . I changed the pin13 capacitor (1uf to 1nf) and pin34 (1uf)., USB is detected. what is the problem? why changed the pin13 capacitor USB detected? its right method?



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Why did you think to try changing the \( \mathsf{V_{DD}18} \) capacitor?

Do the 1µF capacitors you are using have the <0.1Ω ESR called for by the datasheet? Did you try a different 1µF capacitor before trying the 1nF cap?