1. K

    USB2244, USB is not detected .

    I am using USB2244 chip. I detected the following problem: There is 1.8V observed at pin 13 and 34 which should normally be the case (1µF capacitors are connected as according to the data sheet) , USB is not detected . I changed the pin13 capacitor (1uf to 1nf) and pin34 (1uf)., USB is detected...
  2. ali.malik

    Identify this IC od suggest me a similar one with the same pinouts.

    can you please identify this IC because there is nothing written on it or you can suggest me a substitute with the same pinouts. This circuit board is used in 8 program flashing led lights adapters.
  3. N

    How to manage/control different calibration values for different truck models at end of line manufacturing?

    We have hydraulic steering system with small motor atop it. This system will be mounted in about Five truck models. All truck models will have same steering software but different values for calibration parameters. Supplier will deliver steering ECUs to OEM manufacturing with steering software...