1. K

    USB2244, USB is not detected .

    I am using USB2244 chip. I detected the following problem: There is 1.8V observed at pin 13 and 34 which should normally be the case (1µF capacitors are connected as according to the data sheet) , USB is not detected . I changed the pin13 capacitor (1uf to 1nf) and pin34 (1uf)., USB is detected...
  2. Khisraw

    Using AN3 on PIC12F1571

    Hi all, I am trying to program the PIC12F1571. It has 4 channel ADC but I can only enable the AN1. The rest just doesn't work. Even using CCG which you can enable the physical pins, you can not enable any of the other channels. Does anyone else have come across such an issue? Every video on...
  3. E

    Alternative to pic16 Series

    I am using PIC16F18875 controller in my design but i am planning to switch to a higher clock pic from pic18f series. I was looking for microchip product selector but I want suggestion before picking up randomely.
  4. G

    Need help with identification of parts on a microchip structure

    Hello, I need help identifying the various aspects of this chip structure in this image taken with an atomic force microscope. The image is roughly 60 microns wide.
  5. roshan7505

    Generate hex file using existing code in MPLAB X

    Dear All, I'm trying to do a webcam kind of device using PIC32MZ2048EFM064 and this is the example I'm trying to do. I found the circuit and code in this example but I'm facing one problem that I don't know how to use this code in MPLAB X and make a hex from this. I searched everywhere but...
  6. P

    Template Code for dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit

    Hello everyone, So I just started working for the first time with the dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit(dsPIC33EV256GM106) and I was trying to write a simple code where I could switch on and off the LED'S on the board so that I could understand better how to work with the kit. After reading the...