Understanding how to set MTPA Reference block settings

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Hi everyone,
I am failrly recent to MATLAB and SIMULINK. I am trying to use to Motor Control blockset in Simulink to implement an FOC algorithm. I am using the MTPA Reference block for Simulink to calculate the Id and Iq currents for me but there are parameters in the block I don't understand. What is the difference between max current and base current ? How do you calculate stator d-axis inductance ? Is this given in the motor datasheet or do we have to calculate it ? And if so, how do I do it ? What is the per-unit (PU) in I/P singal units ? Why would you choose this rather than SI units ? Also is the permanent magnet flux linkage meant to be in the motor datasheet ? I am modelling the iPower Gimbal motor GBM2804H-100T. Please your help would be really appreciated.

MTPA Reference Documentation link: https://www.mathworks.com/help/mcb/ref/mtpacontrolreference.html