Trying to run HSpice

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Rainier Azucena

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So I'm trying to run HSpice and I don't know if I'm doing this correctly. I have this netlist file to feed to HSpice (got ver 2008)::

* D:\Projects\spice\sample.sp
V1 V_IN 0 SINE(3 3 1) Rser=0
R1 V_IN 0 10k
.tran 5

I then run hspice.exe
File -> Simulate -> Browse Menu

I then pick the above file and when asked how to save the output, I named it sample.lis

this is the .lis file:

****** HSPICE -- A-2008.03 32-BIT (Feb 26 2008) winnt ******
Copyright (C) 2008 Synopsys, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Unpublished-rights reserved under US copyright laws.
This program is protected by law and is subject to the
terms and conditions of the license agreement found in:
Use of this program is your acceptance to be bound by this
license agreement. HSPICE is the trademark of Synopsys, Inc.
Input File: D:\Projects\spice\sample.sp​