Trying to make my Lenovo Yoga work on Windows 11

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I'm new to this forum, and I find it extremely complex for want of a better word.
What it is, is that I've got a Lenovo Yoga PC with a 64Gb eMMC storage. I landed up on this site from various sources today. Did a reply to an old thread, which got shifted and 'lost'. So here it is again if anyone's interested with this minor problem!
These PC,s although they have room for a SATA SSD have eMMC storage instead. Trouble is, some of them including mine don't have a socket for the SATA drive.
I read on a previous thread, that a guy thought it was bonkers to mess around TRYING TO solder connections to the motherboard, when you could use a 128Gb flash drive to a USB 3 port.
I had stripped the PC down at this stage, so I probably need help putting it back together anyway.
Anyway, what I asked on the lost reply, was does anyone think it possible to clone a 250Gb SSD (with enclosure) I've already got, to give this PC recognised storage capacity, so that Windows will allow me to move on to Windows 11. At the moment they say I haven't got enough storage. I was down to less than 6Gb before I stripped it down.
Also, being an OAP (the old, old story) I've got to buy a new PC in September 2025 when Windows stop supporting Windows 10. So it will give me some breathing space if I can't afford a new PC at that time.
Finally, what the chuffing hell is happening to British industry? The Chinese own the local steelworks, all the machine tools are made in Taiwan, and all the big boys are bothered about is their trusts in the Caribbean.
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