Trying to fix Celestial Plasma TV.

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This TV is model PT4299HDS,it has sound but no picture not even a flicker,there are no cracks in the screen,the side buttons work,volume,on/off,channel up,channel down,etc.All the capacitors appear to be OK by testing with a capacitor tester. The only thing Ive found while the TV is turned on is a mosfet GF70N33 on the X sustain board (the mosfets are situated at the ends of the heatsink in the photo) it has 0.00v on the end pins and 8.57 on the middle pin,the other one has 8.25v on its end pins and 8.57v on the middle pin? The power supply appears to be OK going by the printed voltages next to the connectors,they all come up OK.The thing is I cant find a service manual or schematic nor the datasheet for the mosfet GF70N33. Would one failed mosfet on the small X sustain board affect the whole picture like this because the Y sustain board is a lot bigger? Ive never worked on a plasma TV before and some advice would be greatly appreciated.I'm used to fixing vintage 1970s era PS One of the Mosfets has overheated and discolored the board if you look closely! I love this new format,cheers,Ross.