The pets of AAC...


Joined Jun 17, 2014

What's that you say, this isnt a real live animal?
You're right, it's not, but it's a perfect image of a real animal that i encountered when i visited my great friend in California. It was a real doggie of course and looked just like this stuffed animal.
She was such an affectionate doggie, more than i've ever encountered before. It would jump up on me when i layed on the couch and nuzzle in between my arm and body side. She was so cute really.
Also, quite intelligent. She could tell when i was about to eat something as she would run over to me as soon as i opened the food package and start to bark slightly as if to ask for a bite. Funny thing that doggie was maybe 16 inches long if that but it ate more that i did :)
I loved that doggie and so it became my favorite doggie in the whole world. It's too bad i have not had the chance to get back out there again yet to see my friend and that adorable pet. Soon again i hope.

Another funny thing i did not even know i had that stuffed animal until i got back from CA. I found it on one of my shelves and remembered it was given to me as a gift years ago from another friend. What a coincidence it looks just like my friends doggie.