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The cat looks cute and funny, do you need to report to the Police office or some kind of animal department?
Don't your police have better things to do?
It seems ours keep getting asked to do all kinds of things for which they have no training or experience and it often ends badly.


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A stray cat arrived into my house a couple of weeks ago. It turns out it's a fine persian that still had a blue collar around its neck, but no tag, nor was it chipped. The poor thing was starving (it ate the equivalent of a cat's two day's worth of food in a few minutes... plus hasn't stopped drinking water constantly) and very dirty and a bit stinky, and had a miserable appearance. It looked like it had been lost for at least two or three weeks. So I took her to the vet, where they thoroughly bathed her and gave her the basic shots.

I had my son print about 40 flyers, and he stapled them on poles around the area at about a 3 block radius from the house. The flyers ask if anyone's lost a cat, and if they have, to send an email with a pic or description to a disposable address that I opened for this purpose. It's been one week since the flyers were put up, and no answer so far. I'll give it another couple of weeks time, and if no one shows up with a credible claim, then I'm keeping her for good... she's a sweetheart.

In the meantime, my other two cats have taken a very distrustful and openly hostile attitude towards the newcomer... they hiss and growl at her while she stoically simply stares at them... no matter, they'll get used to her presence eventually.

Meet Molly, the Persian Beauty:

Your image or your wife's? Cat with attitude or maybe a grumpy cat. Really good image.


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Sometimes when my cat is fast asleep... he sleeps with his eyes open:


Better not bother him when he's like that ... :eek:


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When I was a kid used to dream with my eyes open and have a conversation with unknown entities, my brother said it was spooky.



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Some birds do that. One eye is kept open while the hemisphere brain associated closed eye sleeps for a while. The hemispheres and eyes take turns sleeping.


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I have noticed that when my husky's eyes are closed, she is pretend sleeping. When she is really sleeping, her eyes are almost fully open.


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That's strange. I've had a few dogs and while sleeping their eyes were always closed as far as I could tell. They might "talk" in their sleep or move their legs like they were walking or running in their sleep but never noticed their eyes open. German Shepherd, Crocker Spaniel, Doberman mix and I don't know how to describe it! We've also had more than out share of cats, but who can tell what's going on with cats?
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