stackup DC bias of multiple devices strategy question

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yef smith

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There is a system shown bellow of feeding 4 amplifiers . The stackup shown below.the pads and DIE of the amplifier is located on Metal_1_TOP.
I need to power all 4 amplfiers simulatiosly so there is no way DC feeding network could me on the same layer as RF feeding layer in Metal_1_TOP.
So i desided to a separate rf feeding network and the DC feeding network.
my strategy regarding the DC feeding is that i place a 3 pin connector put a via to go to mid_layer 2 metal. so i have to feed each amplifier for 4 times.
but as you can see bellow when i try to feed all of the with connection 1 then when i try to build connector 3 tree,it colides with connector 1 tree.
Where did i go wrong planning the DC feeding netwotk?