Soldering wick not absorbing

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I've applied flux on both sides and pressed it on soldered joints but the wick is not absorbing.

I'm doing this for the build it yourself RTL-SDR project, I need to remove the USB connector, IR sensor or LED and antenna connector from the dongle, I've managed to remove antenna connector with suction tube but I'm unable to do it for IR sensor or LED and USB connector, the wick is just not absorbing.


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How old is the wick, it maybe a slightly tarnished.
Lay a piece of the wick flat on the bench and wipe in some flux with a piece of rough cloth.



If the wick tarnish is really bad, wet/wipe, say a 3 inch length of wick with some domestic vinegar, leave for about 5 minutes dry off and then apply the flux to the wick.
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Quite recently I run across the same problem. It seemed somewhat tarnished. Just smearing a minimal bit of flux helped a lot.

While not what I learnt, I am getting better results by keeping the PCB and iron, steady and once the solder melts, I force the wick to drag (and soak) the solder. While it seems too rough, it works well.

Anyway, don't count on me to work in avionics.


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Of course and that's a bad idea for electronics.

LA-CO Water-soluble paste won’t leave residue.
Meets industry standard ASTM B813 and contains no zinc chloride to reduce corrosion concerns
Non-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to eliminate safety concerns
Cleans copper upon application, allowing solder to run more smoothly.

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Well I have been in situations such as the OP appears to be in, and in some cases, the issue requires something more than the regular flux cored solder can handle, If something is difficult to clean in the normal way, a little harmless assistance is needed.
It has worked for me.

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To the Thread Starter. Is it possible to take a photograph of the equipment you are using the soldering iron the solder wick or perhaps a description of the soldering iron is it variable temperature?How many watts? type of tip you're using? Any and all information you can provide,thank you.