Schottky Diode Connection Problem

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Following is a schematic of the circuit I have which includes a Schottky diode.
The general purpose of the circuit is to measure the battery voltage with a microprocessor analog input.

When the switch SW1 is open and I measure the voltage at TP1 I get 5V. I checked the diode with an ohm meter and it is OK.

To simplify the circuit I connected the Schottky diode with another regular diode (1N4001) in the following circuit:

When I measure the voltage between TP-A and Ground, which is the regular diode, I get 100 mv. However, when I measure the voltage between TP-B and Ground, which is the Schottky diode, I get the full 5V.

I thought that Schottky diodes are the same as regular diodes except that they have a low forward voltage drop. This low voltage drop is necessary for this circuit in order to use the full power of the battery.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Schottky diodes have a higher reverse leakage.
This is from the data sheet:

5V measured with a 10megΩ meter input impedance is 5μA, which near the nominal shown on the graph.

Connect a 10kΩ load to ground and then measure the reverse voltage.

So you likely will need to reduce the value of the 100kΩ resistors if you want a lower voltage when S1 is open.