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Does a run capacitor with a higher mfd lower the strain/boost power on a motor?

Working on old equipment that called for 45mfd, I was sold a 50mfd but when I replaced it I found it was equipped with a 40mfd. The start up doesn't hum like it used to or I'm imagining things.
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The purpose of the capacitor is to produce phase shift to one winding so there is a rotating magnetic field. If the motor has a centrifugal switch then the capacitor will only be used to start the motor. Once it is up to speed the winding fed via the capacitor is switched out.



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The original sizing is in order for the phase shift to be as close as 90° as possible.
There is some lee-way, especially if it is the starting variety.
As long as it gets up to speed at the normal rate, it should be OK.