Replacing a broken 'CONTACTOR' with similar spec, for Swimming Pool Pump/Timer - is it dangerous?

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First of all thanks for the add to the group. I am just getting started in doing my own DIY repairs. I am finding it very rewarding to be able to fix stuff rather than throw it away. Anyway, the swimming pool stopped working on automatic timer mode. The clock still worked so I suspected it could be the 'Contactor' that was not working. Using a multimeter I discovered terminals A1 - A2 gave no reading, I suspect the coil is broken? I didn't want to take it apart because we need to run it on manual. So I need to buy a replacement part urgently.


GE Industrial MC1A310AT 3-pole, 9 AMP contactor with 1 N.O. base contact and an AC coil (must specify voltage below). 240v. The MC1A is rated for 5 H.P. @ 460v 3 Phase, can be mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail.
IMC-DIRECT Website (Part Discontinued)

NEW SPEC (Schneider)

Schneider LC1K0901P7 TeSys K contactor - 3P - AC-3 <= 440 V 9 A - 1 NC aux. - 230 V AC coil.
Schneider Website (Similar Part Available)

Both appear to be 3 pole, 50/60 hz and 9A - great.

However, the old part says 460v and the new one 440v. The old part says 240v but the new part says 230v. Also, the old part says 5 H.P. but there is no mention of H.P. for the new part. Also, I don't understand the 460/440v part if we run on 240v in the house.

Should this new part work?

Disclaimer : I am buying and fitting this part based upon making my own decision and any advice offered here is just a suggestion.

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Welcome to AAC.

The two devices look very compatible. Unless the first device was underspecified, the second should not have a problem.

The 9A rating is a measure of current handling, the 440V the voltage. Combined they provide a power rating in Watts (W=V*A). Horsepower is a measure of work being done, like W. The HP rating is really a convenience, and it allows users who know the motor size but not the wattage to choose a relay.

In a motor, W is not a simple thing, and the HP rating is more like an estimate since motors vary.

The differences in rated voltages are insignificant and have to do with the way the manufacturer measures the product for certification. With the provided information, these appear to be compatible devices. If the new contactor is, in fact, underrated for the job, it will get overly, might stick on, and generally misbehave. In the absence of malfunction, a few periodic inspections for discoloration due to overheating should convince you all is well.

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Hi Yaakov, thanks for that quick reply. I did more research and here in France, we are rated 230v as per the new part spec. Also I now understand the 440v/460v is to do with 3 phase. I don't think we have that in the house though. So like you say it should be an okay replacement. Yes, my wife suggested we keep an eye, have the pump come on every few hours, and inspect check it behaves as it should. The only issue is I think it is a little bigger size-wise. But I will have to make it work! I don't have hundreds for a completely new system and it's a waste also! Regarding (W=V*A) I remember touching on that in my HAM radio course, but back then I was not interested in the electric side like I am now. Many thanks again and have a nice day.


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BTW, on most of the popular makes of contactors, replacement coils can be purchased often easily.
For the size of pump for that application, I agree with @Yaakov , the replacement shown should be no problem