Repair Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi

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I am trying to repair a Lecroy Waverunner 104MXi. The problem is when you plug it in and switch it ON, windows starts booting but then it just turns off. Now if I try to switch the oscilloscope ON again then it does not work until and unplug it and plug it back in again.
I wanted to look at the power supply so I started to open it. I am stuck and not able to figure out how to open it to reach the power supply module. I have attached pictures showing where I have reached up till now.
The problem is that the power supply is on the back side of the scope. And there is no way to open it. I have to get to it from the front by opening and removing what I can. But now I can't seem to get any further. The screws are inaccessible to open the next board. It seems it would have been helpful if I was able to flatten the sides of the case. But they are seem to be stuck to the adjacent sides.

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Is it out of warranty?
If yes, and it's a few years old, it could be a dried up electrolytic capacitor, probably of small physical size.
Good luck getting it apart.